Saturday, January 8, 2011

ModdY Dan Terus Moody..

xtau npe skang kerap cgt gf moody..
xtau sbb ape..
kjap ok kjap x..
smpai ak plak ikot moody..
mybe dier bosan kt rmh..tpi ak da cbe wt dier hepy..
at last kne mrh..haha..xpham btol wanita nie..
im try my best to make u hepy but i cant..
i know u alone,nothing to do but i cant do anything..
kalo moody pown xdpt ape kn..
stress bnda yg chill k baby..
ur brthday will come just being hepy.
i dun want u sad,moody..or anything else..just hepy..thats what i want..
cause u are my gf..if u moody,i cant do anything..
honey xde dkat k..if ad honey spend my whole time with u..
just to see ur smile..=)
i dun want to see ur ugly face facing me ok..haha..
so hope u will more moody..i will try my best make u laugh,hepy.,n spend my time although kter jauh..
thats my promise ok..
dun wory,trust me k baby..

what i have to do now just be patient..n lyn je what u want..
althogh kdg2 cm pelik..ttbe mrh..
but honey pham la..
prubahan hormon wanita..haha..its ok my dear..
i always by ur side ok..
cause i know bler honey jauh je baby cmnie..
kalo dkat sah2 baby gler..haha..
jgn mrh ok..just chill,face it with ur smile..
luv u with all my heart..
izwan zamri


  1. haha..
    sbr la nie..
    lyn je la..
    nnti ok la 2.

  2. sabo jela !! hahahah
    cian ang yea..bse la uh pompuan an...
    k0 kne la mmahami kayh =)