Friday, May 4, 2012


i will always remember our memory..
from the first time i saw u..
first time we meet together..
first time i talk with u..
your smile..i always remember..

but now..what that i get was dissapear..
i just want u..the one person that i really know..
not what that i can see just a person that i don really know..
who are you??
but then i decide to go far away from u..let u know how much u are meant to me..
most important  in my life..i will do anything to just wanna make u happy..just wanna see u smile..

i will go..far away from..
u will never know anything about me anymore..
thankz because u show me what is the meaning by love,responsible,caring,become a man that try to solve a problem..
i learn it when im with u..i hope,u will success..without me,like u said..dont bother me..serabut..i will go..sure..i will..

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